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Recital: Flagey Piano Days de Bruxelles

"Pianiste stratosphérique et musicien purement génial, éminent chopinien, il joue d’ombres et de lumières […] Mais c’est incontestablement dans la section Debussy de son récital que le pianiste argentin atteint au sublime”

“A stratospheric pianist and a musician of pure genius, an eminent interpreter of Chopin, he plays with shadows and light [...] But it is undeniably in the Debussy section of his recital that the Argentine pianist touches the sublime”

-, March 2018

Recital: Théâtre des Champs Elysées

“L'apparente facilité des redoutables Variations sur un thème de Paganini de Brahms, le naturel de son Schubert et la majesté de son Chopin font de Nelson Goerner LA belle révélation de l’année 2017”

“His obvious ease with the formidable Variations on a theme of Paganini by Brahms, the naturalness of his Schubert, and the majesty of his Chopin, makes Nelson Goerner THE beautiful revelation of 2017.”

- Classica, February 2018

Recital: La Roque d’Anthéron

"Coté soliste, nous avons été éblouis par des fulgurances et des moments de pures rêves poétiques"
"On the part of the soloist, we were dazzled by moments of pure dream-like poetry."
- ClassiqueNews, August 2017

"4* .. Nelson Goerner.... qui se couvre de gloire en servant Chopin à la perfection...Triomphe !"
"4* review. Nelson Goerner, who is covered in glory in serving Chopin to perfection...a triumph!"
- Bachtrack, August 2017

Interview in Tribune de Genève, January 2018

Radio interview on France Musique, December 2017

Interview in Presto Classical

Concert with Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Nelson Goerner rayo a una altura tal que deja una vara muy alta para quien quiera atreverse en el futuro a abordar esta obra. Derroche magistral de tecnica, de vivacidad, de arrebato romantico, de apasionamiento, de musicalidad."
"Nelson Goerner shines from such a great height that he sets the bar very high for those who dare to address this work in the future. A masterful outpouring of technique, vivacity, romantic outbursts, passion and musicality."
- Críticos Musicales, July 2017

Recital at Sundin Music Hall, USA

"With meticulous and marvellous musicianship, he made his interpretation of Chopin's complete 24 Preludes feel like a 40-minute epiphany, each brief piece an insight into some aspect of the composer's conflicted soul."
- St. Paul Pioneer Press

Victoria Hall recital, Geneva

"En véritable artiste du clavier, le pianiste a offert, lundi soir au Victoria Hall, un cadeau de beau piano et de haute musique."
"A true artist of the keyboard, the pianist offered us the gifts of pianistic beauty and high music at Victoria Hall on Monday."
- Le Temps, March 2016

Concert with the Hallé Orchestra & Sir Mark Elder

"Nelson Goerner delivered a thrilling and fastidiously faithful account, generating a richness of tone in which you'd swear there must be 10 fingers at work, despite using his right hand solely for mopping his brow."
- The Guardian, October 2011
Interview in Tutti Magazine
Interview in Le Temps
Interview in Tribune de Genève

Recital at Salle Gaveau, Paris

"Précision du dessin, fermeté du rythme, vigueur du trait : Goerner privilégie toujours la musicalité et partant se hisse au niveau des plus grands."
"Artistic precision, firmness of rhythm, a vigorous line: Goerner always prioritises the musicality and thus rises up to the level of the greats."
- Michel Le Naour,, February 2013

Wigmore Hall Recital

“What fieriness we saw once [Goerner] was seated at that piano, as well as a startling ability to turn instantly from one mood to another”
- Daily Telegraph, 2013

La Roque d’Anthéron Recital

“Nelson Goerner: en pleine maîtrise de son Art......Sublimes instants… l’artiste et le Maître nous ont semblé être dans le même pas ce soir.”
"Nelson Goerner, in full control of his art.........Sublime moments...the artist and the composer seemed to be fully in step tonight."
- ResMusica, August 2016

Concertgebouw recital, Amsterdam

"His phrasing results from the melodic lines, like a singer who is so moved by the music’s beauty that he loses himself in it. […] What Goerner achieved in the almost unplayable 28 Paganini Variations (Brahms) was impressive: keeping his distance from a vain display of superficial virtuosity, he concentrated on the musical meaning of every single variation, thereby turning the obstinate material into music, whether it was wild octave passages, light dances, or the nostalgic meditations of this unapproachable, complex ‘Brahms-edifice’."
- Wenneke Savenije (blog), September 2017

Piano aux Jacobins recital

"Ce fidèle du festival toulousain est devenu l’une des figures essentielles du piano d’aujourd’hui. L’art de ce chaleureux pianiste argentin semble avoir atteint aujourd’hui une sorte de sommet aussi bien technique qu’expressif. Le programme exigeant de son concert toulousain met en évidence la profondeur d’un jeu, d’un investissement personnel du plus haut niveau. Stupéfiant de virtuosité de la part d’un artiste si empreint de profondeur expressive…"
"This regular of the Toulouse festival has become one of today's essential figures of the piano. The art of the warm Argentinean pianist seemed to have reached a sort of summit at today's festival, both in terms of technique and expression. The demanding programme highlighted the depth of his playing, a personal investment at the highest level. It is stunning virtuosity from a profoundly expressive artist..."
- Classic Toulouse, September 2016

Portland Piano Recital, US

"Portland Piano’s international recitalist is a master of extremes…"
- Oregon Artswatch, December 2016

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